New Episodes of Top Rated Series

Television is bringing anticipation back to the cable wires this spring. Viewers will be offered many new episodes of their beloved series. Some of the television programming, which premiered during the writers strike, will also continue through out the season. However, you may have to wait until next fall for the return of a few awarding winning programs. Some stories lines may be postponed, due to the missing time in the current season. As well, some characters or new shows will not be introduced until the next fall or early winter, giving writers time to catch up and savor show integrity.

Returning to ABC

‘Lost’ will return on April 24, 2008 and will be moving to the 10pm slot. The show will then release eight more episodes. (You can catch up with all the Lost episodes for each season at ABC.)
Those desperate for ‘Desperate Housewives’, will be happy to find the next new episode airing on April 13, 2008. The show will end the season with a two-hour finale.

Samantha Who’, starring Christina Applegate, will return on April 7 2008 for six new episodes.
Boston Legal is set to return on April 8, 2008. The Emmy winning show will offer six new episodes.
The top rated comedy ‘Ugly Betty’ returns April 24, 2008 and has five fashionably new episodes.
Also on April 24, Dr. McDreamy will be at your bedside on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Five new stories lines are ready for viewing.
Viewers will have to wait until the Fall line up for the return of ‘Private Practice’, ‘PushingDaisies’, and ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ on ABC.

Retuning to the Fox Network

‘Til Death’ will air two new episodes one on March 25 and the second on April 16, 2008.
‘Back to You’, staring Kelsey Grammer, returns with five new shows this April 16, 2008.
The series ‘House’ will return with four new episodes on April 28, 2008. ‘House’will now be seen on Monday nights.
Fans of the show ’24’ will have to wait until January of 2009 to view any new episodes of the series on Fox.

Returning to NBC

The award winning NBC comedy ’30 Rock’, will air five new episodes starting April 10, 2008.
‘The Office’ will return with six new episodes on April 10, 2008.
Joining the April 10 line up will be ‘ER’ and ‘Scrubs’, each with five new episodes.
All new ‘Law and Order’ will premiere April 15 (SVU) and April 23, 2008 with ten episodes.
‘Medium’ is set to continue with 12 more episodes on NBC.
Viewer will find ‘Heroes’, ‘Chuck’, and ‘Life’ returning in the fall.

Returning to CBS

March 17, 2008 will welcome back ‘How I Met You Mother’ with nine episodes.
Also on March 17, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will premiere with nine episodes.
‘CSI Miami’ will deliver eight new episodes starting March 24, 2008.
March 30, 2008 will warm up with five new episodes of ‘Cold Case’.
April 3, 2008 will welcome the return of ‘CSI’, ‘Without A Trace’, and ‘CSI NY’ with six episodes on CBS.
‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Numb3rs’ bring you six new episodes one April 4, 2008.

Returning to the CW

Viewers will have a lot to talk about when ‘Gossip Girl’ returns to The CW on April 21, 2008. Get ready for five new rumor worthy episodes.
‘The Game’ returns with nine new episodes on March 2, 2008.
‘Aliens in American’ and ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ will also return on March 2 with eight and twelve new shows.
‘One Tree Hill’ (fast forward), ‘Smallville’, ‘Top Model’ and ‘Reaping’ are a few of the shows set to continue through spring. Each program will air an average of nine new episodes this season.

Visit you favorite television channel’s website for more listings and for online videos of the shows you may have missed.
Check your local listing for station numbers and times.