My Best Friend’s Wedding

What would you do if your best friend was going to marry another woman? Especially when it just hit you that you are in love with him? Would you tell him how you feel?
Nah! That would be too easy–the movie would be as boring as Paris Hilton flossing her teeth instead of her butt-cheeks with her bikini. Julia Robert’s character, Julianne (Jules) Potter, has the right idea: Be a conniving, scheming, backstabbing beeyatch!

She does her very best…(cough)…her very worst to sabotage the wedding plans of her best friend, Michael (Dermot Mulroney) and his sweetheart Kim played by the effervescent, too-sunny, syrupy-sweet Cameron Diaz.

After all, what are friends for? The way the sick, twisted Jules sees it, screwing up Michael’s love life and wedding plans are for his own good. He should realize he is making a mistake by not marrying his best friend who only wants him when he’s in love with someone else.

Poor Michael. With a best friend like Jules, who needs hemorrhoids? Anyway, the cavity in my scull of mush was filled with suspense and comedy as I watched this mindless, yet enjoyable plot unfold.

Will Jules win over her best friend Michael? Or will sweet little Kimmy keep her man?

Julia Roberts does a solid performance, and made me hate her!

Dermot Mulroney was perfectly cast as the trusting, naive best friend.

Cameron Diaz stole the show when she sang off-key in a karaoke scene. I laughed so hard, my neighbor banged on my door and told me to keep the noise down.

Rupert Everett showed off his marvelous singing talent, and played the smooth, suave, sophisticated George Downs–Jules’ loyal sidekick.

Rachel Griffiths played crazy Samantha who, on a dare, licked an ice sculptor at the wedding and her tongue became stuck to it.

Last , but not least, some uncredited teenage boys at the wedding each sucked some helium balloons then sang a chipmunks’ rendition of “Annie’s Song.”

Overall, this film tickled my funny bone and other body parts as well. It is one of the best films I have seen in the past decade–that makes it above average. I rate it four stars.

Note: This is one of those PG-rated P.J. Hogan films–so hire a babysitter if you step out to see it.