Ranking the Best Game Show Hosts on Television

When looking over the list of the best game shows of the current era, it’s hard to find enough good hosts to even construct a top 5 list. With Bob Barker retiring, the list of good game show hosts is shorter than it is ever been. Even so, the top 5 on this list are all deserving of their spots and each do a good job. If only we had more hosts like them instead of actors and comedians who can’t find work in more traditional roles such as Waynhe Brady, Bob Saget, and now Drew Carey on “The Price is Right.”

5. Pat Sajak, Wheel of Fortune

While the game show itself has grown quite stale over the years in the eyes of many people, Sajak continues to do a solid albeit unspectacular job on the show. He has a cool, calm demeanor and is very courteous towards the contestants while throwing in a few good sarcastic remarks here and there to lighten the mood.

4. Stuart Scott, Stump the Schwab

This sports game show isn’t as well known as the more mainstream ones despite being on the popular ESPN network, but host Stuart Scott does a great job injecting humor into this trivia show. His signature lines occur when a player loses and has to go home and he tells them about a completely irrelevant and strange parting gift that the show has for him. While he is annoying on Sportscenter a lot of times, Scott is easy-going, relaxed, and funny on this show.

3. John O’ Hurley, Family Feud

Following in the footsteps of Richard Karn is not easy. Okay maybe it actually is pretty easy, and O’ Hurley has done a great job regardless. He plays his false dramatic persona very well and has adapted nicely to Family Feud by picking and choosing the right times to get excited and to be more laid back and by-the-book extremely well.

2. Alex Trebek, Jeopardy!

The Canadian trivia master is the old standby of game show hosts and has been perfecting his craft for 23 years. He doesn’t have the boisterous personality of Bob Barker but he is smooth and in control of his show at all times and actually shows a good sense of humor when he gets the opportunity to do so. And he also helped bring us the excellent “Saturday Night Live” skits so that’s a bonus.

1. Howie Mandel, Deal or No Deal

Many people didn’t know how this eccentric Canadian comedian would fare hosting his own game show, but he has quickly warmed up to audiences everywhere with his strong persona and funny one-liners. His interactions with the contestants are what makes the show as he likes to razz them about their mistakes when things go wrong while pumping them up when they do well and pick the right cases. Mandel and Deal or No Deal should continue to be successful for as long as they want to be on NBC.