Best Bollywood Classic – Madhumati

It is a real challenging task to pick up one of the most favorite Hindi movie, as there are plenty of classical movies, which can be an all time favorites for all. Of course, i love streaming movies online for free in HD at movies123 , but there are around 250 films produced every year in Bollywood, and i can not watch all of them. Though most of these movies do not fare well on the box office and are out of sight of the people almost immediately. However, there are some movies, which remain evergreen in the minds of the people even after the long time of 50 years. I am presenting before you the review of one such most memorable Hindi movie that created history in the Hindi cinemas before 50 years and is equally liked and seen by the audience even today.

The great director of Hindi screen, Bimal Roy, directed this film, released in the year 1958. Ritvik Ghatak wrote the dialogues and the most melodious music was composed by Salil Chaudhary. The film is considered the best of classics of Hindi cinemas. The story has a plot of reincarnation. The story idea is simple but proves highly penetrative in the end. The film begins with lightening and the thunderstorm in the night like a typical horror film. Devendra (Dilip kumar) is on his way to pick up his wife Radha at the railway station by car with his doctor friend. They are stuck up in the forest as the road gets closed due to landslide and they are stranded in middle of the night with nowhere to go. They find out some old haveli and decide to stay for the night there. But Devendra gets a feeling that he has been here in this haveli before and finds a picture of King Ugranarayan, owner of this haveli. He suddenly remembers that he himself has made this picture in his previous life. All memories come flooding in his mind of his previous birth and he narrates it to his friend.

Anand (Dilip Kumar) reaches in one of the mountain village from city to work as an estate manager for timber works. He meets Madhumati (Vaijayanti Mala) there, and soon falls in love with her. King Ugranarayan (Pran) is the owner of this timber works and normally stays in the city. Suddenly, he comes back to this village.

When he finds Anand in love with Madhumati, he is angry and wants to have Madhumati himself. In the mean time, Pan (Jayant), father of Madhumati accepts Anand as his son in law and goes to town to prepare for the marriage of her daughter, Madhumati. The king Ugranarayan sends Anand out of village to capture Madhumati during this period when there was no body to take care of Madhu. He succeeds in Getting Madhumati in his palace and tries to rape her. Madhumati disappears after this incident and Anand plunges into grief and sorrow. He knows that King Ugranarayan is responsible for this but he has no evidence to prove this. In comes Madhvi (Vaijayanti Mala), who looks exactly same as Madhumati. With the help of Madhvi, acting as a ghost of Madhumati, Anand tries to obtain evidence against King Ugranarayan for the disappearance of Madhumati. How he is able to achieve this is the climax of this film and it is better to view on the screen only.

Music plays a very important role in this film. All the songs of the film are excellent and melodious and are very popular even today. The song “aaja re pardeshi” in voice of great Lata Mangeshkar is the best. The comedy of Johny Walker is very enchanting and forms a very important part of the film. The acting of Dilip Kumar is terrific that fetched him the Film fare award as the best actor in the year 1958. Vaijayantimala acts the role of Madhumati with her innocence as a carefree village girl. This role also fetched her the film fare award for the best actress. Jayant is also very impressive as the father of Madhumati. Pran is the villain in the film and really appear very frightening due to his live acting. The sound effect of birds tweeting in the forest makes the whole scenario romantic. Though, the movie is in black and white, it still proves very interesting all through its 160 minutes of total duration. It will also be a very pleasant and memorable experience to watch this film even for Americans who do not understand Hindi. They can take advantage of the subtitles provided and can enjoy the film equally well.

When you visit Indian store next time to buy your groceries, ask for this movie. Watching it with your friends and relatives is sure to give you one of the most pleasant and memorable experiences of your life.