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Best Bollywood Classic – Madhumati

It is a real challenging task to pick up one of the most favorite Hindi movie, as there are plenty of classical movies, which can be an all time favorites for all. Of course, i love streaming movies online for free in HD at movies123 , but there are aroundRead More

New Episodes of Top Rated Series

Television is bringing anticipation back to the cable wires this spring. Viewers will be offered many new episodes of their beloved series. Some of the television programming, which premiered during the writers strike, will also continue through out the season. However, you may have to wait until next fall forRead More

Ranking the Best Game Show Hosts on Television

When looking over the list of the best game shows of the current era, it’s hard to find enough good hosts to even construct a top 5 list. With Bob Barker retiring, the list of good game show hosts is shorter than it is ever been. Even so, the topRead More

America’s Next Top Model: Looking for More Than Just Talent

The new America’s Next Top Model season will be beginning on February 20, 2008 and with the excitement mounting, I couldn’t help but reflect on some past winners whom I felt didn’t really deserve the victory. So perhaps the winner has to have more than talent, maybe she has toRead More

My Best Friend’s Wedding

What would you do if your best friend was going to marry another woman? Especially when it just hit you that you are in love with him? Would you tell him how you feel? Nah! That would be too easy–the movie would be as boring as Paris Hilton flossing herRead More

Previewing the 2007 Oscar Season: Best Actress in a Leading Role

Most of the time the movies that you and I see at the movie theaters are the really big blockbusters while the movies that that get nominated for awards go by without most of the public even noticing them. Then when the Oscars roll around a lot of people areRead More